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Specialist lifting and handling equipment solutions in the Swindon area

Cyclone are your local experts if you’re looking for lifting appliance and handling equipment specialists in the Swindon area. Located just north of Swindon, we operate across Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and further afield. We offer locally based, high-quality and professional lifting services, from lifting equipment testing and examination to custom design and manufacture.

Our location means we’re within easy reach to carry out site visits and equipment examinations, so you have peace of mind that we’re only a short drive away.

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    Workplace and lifting equipment inspections in Swindon

    As experienced PUWER and LOLER inspectors near Swindon, our LEEA-qualified team are available to provide comprehensive equipment inspection services such as lifting equipment testing and handling equipment inspections.

    We have extensive experience in providing thorough examinations of lifting equipment and testing of above and below hook solutions across a range of cranes, lifting appliances, handling equipment, forklifts, lift beams, straps, hoist slings and other lifting accessories and equipment. As Swindon’s leading lifting and handling equipment specialists, we work extensively across the local area and beyond.

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    LOLER examinations in Swindon

    If you use any kind of lifting or handling equipment, including straps and accessories, these will require regular LOLER examinations to ensure you meet safety regulations. Our highly trained team of LOLER inspectors can carry out thorough inspections for Swindon businesses, guide customers through the process and help them extend their equipment’s life by catching any potential problems early.

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    LOLER testing in Swindon

    PUWER inspection in Swindon

    Swindon PUWER inspections

    PUWER inspections cover a wide range of workplace equipment. Our team of qualified PUWER examiners can support Swindon businesses with PUWER compliance and identify any issues or maintenance requirements for their equipment.

    We can coordinate the PUWER inspection frequency with your maintenance schedule – for example, LOLER and PUWER testing can often be carried out simultaneously to reduce disruption and equipment downtime.

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    Swindon servicing and repair for lifting equipment

    Our local experts offer a full range of equipment servicing and lifting equipment repair solutions (including crane repair services). We also regularly support businesses in Swindon with equipment upgrades and refurbishments to extend the life of their equipment and support businesses as they grow.

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    Bespoke lifting equipment for Swindon businesses

    Working alongside our sister company LR Engineering, we can design, manufacture and install bespoke lifting and handling equipment to suit our customer’s requirements. With over 30+ years of experience as a lifting equipment manufacturer, we have delivered custom projects to companies based in the Swindon and Wiltshire area — all manufactured and installed to meet LOLER and PUWER requirements.

    In addition, we can supply a wide range of lifting equipment accessories such as bespoke lifting hooks and attachments.

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